Thursday, May 31, 2007

Introduction to Islam Classes (Wednesdays)

Starting on the first Wednesday of every month, the Islamic Society of Tulsa will hold a 4 evening series for non-Muslims to introduce the Islamic tradition.

Classes are from 7:00-8:30pm in the Islamic Center, 4630 South Irvington Avenue, Tulsa, 74135. Classes are free, open to the public for ages 12 and older. For information, please contact Sister Sheryl Siddiqui, (918)638-2670 or email

  • The First Wednesday of the month will cover Basic Beliefs
  • The Second Wednesday- Basic Practices
  • The Third Wednesday- Status of Women & Gender in Islam
  • The Fourth Wednesday- Human Rights & Treaties vs. Violence

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Beginnings: MSA Connecting With You!

(Above) - Photo Courtesy of Professor Lydie Meunier


The Muslim Students Association at TU has started this page as a service to all. If we can be of any help to you just feel free to contact us via our email We hope to post regularly on here and keep you updated about the world of Islam and Muslims.

We are a registered on campus student organization providing students with the opportunity to come together in a supportive Islamic environment, and seeking to educate the Tulsa and TU communities about Islam. The campus mosque, featured above, is available and open to all Muslim and non-Muslims visitors. Muslims often gather here for daily prayers, during the day and night, and in addition we hold Friday congregational prayers as well.

We are glad to have non-Muslims visit and tour the mosque to further learn about the Islamic tradition and its Muslim followers. We are located at 3020 E. 4th Place on the University of Tulsa campus, and look forward to welcoming and visiting with you!

(Above) - Faisal Sandal, a current student at the University of Tulsa, poses for you while at the Masjid/Mosque